Best Bread To Buy For Keeping Lean

Our picks for the best wholemeal breads from the supermarket…

It’s a staple item in many trolleys, especially if you’ve got lunchboxes to fill! But which wholemeal bread ticks all the boxes for nutrition and taste?

Here are my top 3 breads based on Macros and ingredients.

There’s no need to remove bread from the menu when you are trying to lose weight or change your body composition. I often have bread on our meal plans as part of a balanced diet, you can enjoy good quality bread in moderation and still get amazing results.

Here are my picks for the best wholemeal breads from the supermarket

Tips for buying bread

  1. Consider buying your bread from the bakery, it is often around the same price, but is made each day so you know you are getting something fresh from the oven. Branded bread is generally made the day before it is available for sale in the supermarket.
  2. You can also get some good quality home brand bread from Coles, Woolworths and Aldi too, give them a try and see if you like them as much as the commercial brands. Kids tend to like these better as they have fewer visible seeds and grains, but they do tend to be lower in fibre and wholegrains.
  3. Check the ingredients label and look for the words ‘wholemeal’ and ‘wholegrain’. Remember to look for brands with the fewest ingredients, and nothing on the list you don’t recognise.

Notes: 2 slices is one serve for the purposes of these statistics.

Prices correct as of 8/12/17

Abbott’s Village Bakery Grainy Wholemeal Bread

If you like your bread to feel a little more rustic, this is a good choice. Some kids may not appreciate ‘the bits’ in the bread but us mums know that these are healthy wholegrains. This bread makes lovely toast to go with your morning eggs.

  • Woolworths: $3.50
  • Coles: $3.40
  • Health star rating: 4
  • Wholegrain content: 51%
  • Calories per 2 slices: 241
  • Sodium per 100g: 400g
  • Fibre per 100g: 6.9g

Burgen Wholemeal & Seeds Bread

With the highest percentage of fibre, and a low sodium content, this is a great bread for a tasty sandwich. It lasts well in the pantry and makes a tasty toasted sandwich too. It’s a little more expensive than some of the other breads though

  • Woolworths: $4.90
  • Coles: $4.90
  • Health star rating: 5
  • Wholegrain content: 38%
  • Calories per 2 slices: 220
  • Sodium per 100g: 386g
  • Fibre per 100g: 10.8g

Helga’s Traditional Wholemeal Bread

This is a lighter coloured loaf, and the softer less chewy crust makes this our pick for a loaded sandwich for lunch. It has the highest percentage of wholegrains in this top three selection.

  • Woolworths: $3.50
  • Coles: $3.50
  • Health star rating: 4
  • Wholegrain content: 69%
  • Calories per 2 slices: 239
  • Sodium per 100g: 400g
  • Fibre per 100g: 6.3g

So instead of leaving bread off the menu when trying to shed some body fat and gain some lean muscle, try swapping brands. I still eat bread most days, I just choose to eat high fibre, low GI wholegrain varieties with my eggs and spinach. I also love to make this paleo pumpkin bread recipe too which is great for reducing bloating and not feeding the bad bacteria that lives in the gut.