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Who is it For?

I am so glad that YOU dropped by, you have found my FIT BODY BY NIKKI BOOTCAMP community of gorgeous women just like you, and if you embrace it, this could be your new beginnings! Let’s create the very best version of yourself! This bootcamp is for women who are looking to get fit, get toned, get confident and who would love to develop a positive mindset.

I personally have had my fair share of struggles, feelings of self loathe, depression, anxiety, and complete lack of motivation. I have had those days, weeks and months where things just seem all too hard, too confusing and well, not really having any direction, if this sounds familiar and if you can relate to ANY of these things…I hear you!! Loud and clear. I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way!

I’m ready for change…

The doubt, negative self talk, anger, frustration that you aren’t where you want or should be and complete conflict of emotions are not doing you any good, in fact they are keeping you from achieving. I want to show you another way, a different way that will empower you to make change, develop healthy habits and learn to self love.

This bootcamp is a dream that I had to help more women realise and achieve their potential. Every day I get to wake up and work with this gorgeous group of people who I now call friends. FIT BODY BY NIKKI Bootcamp is a little different from your normal bootcamp, we train hard and fast (just 30 mins only) and we support each other every step of the way. Every body brings their insecurities, struggles and barriers, and together they push through tough workouts and forge new friendships with fellow FIT BODY Bootcampers.

I’m so unfit..

We don’t focus on ‘weight loss’ although that is a direct result of becoming a FIT BODY babe, the bootcamp sessions focus on developing healthy habits… becoming fitter, stronger and getting active. My goal is to help you become confident and teach you about healthy food, mindset change and self worth. Many of us are at different fitness levels, but that doesn’t stop us working together as a team and at our own comfortable pace!

Join our community; our supportive team of women that are on the exact same journey as you, that have the exact same struggles as you and want to be around women the exact same as you, women who want to discover their amazingness and thrive! 

Client Transformations

How Do I get started

Head on over to our booking page by clicking below. We offer a trial membership first to make sure you enjoy the training sessions and can see if the timetable will work in with your schedule, this is the most popular way to get started. Select the ‘trial’ membership option once you click.

After completing your trial with us at bootcamp, there are 3 Membership options starting from just $3.88 a session on our ‘ALL ACCESS PASS’ membership. (You can browse the memberships once you click through to book)

Let our outdoor group training sessions help you overcome the road blocks and barriers that have held you back in the past. As a team we smash out some amazing workouts, we let go of unhelpful habits and are around like minded women who all want to become fitter, healthier and stronger than before! 


Complete Nutrition and Training program with coaching from me to make sure you get results!