Fit Body Training Program – Lean Up



Image result for pink tick icons28 days to a leaner body!! If this is your goal then get prepared for my 28 day Shred. I have taken my 14 Day Shred and doubled it, using my most effective training methods combined with my utterly delicious meal guides. Shred unwanted body fat and tone your entire body with this program.

  • Many women start with the 28 day Shred as they feel comfortable committing to the time frame
  • Gym & Home suitable App workouts with timer & video instruction
  • Workouts are a mixture of HIIT, Strength and Cardio
  • Workouts are between 30-45 minutes
  • Complete meal guide designed for you and your goals
  • Meal Planner with Food Swap feature, allowing you to eat more of the foods you prefer
  • Recipe Hub Access (choose from over 85 nutritionally balanced recipes)
  • 2 x Check-ins

BONUS: • Nutrition & Lifestyle Guide • Meal Prep Guide • Training 101 Guide


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