Fit Body Training Program – Nutrition Only

$22.50 / week for 6 weeks and a $99.00 sign-up fee


Image result for pink tick iconsIf you want to change your body shape, get results and either build lean muscle, strip body fat or both, you need a nutrition program developed for your exact needs. Therefore, it makes sense that you have a nutrition strategy to compliment your body type (genetics), training methods and lifestyle. During this 6 Week program, I will educate and empower you with knowledge about nutrition and the effect it has on your body composition.

Dropping body fat or building lean muscle is directly dictated by how you fuel your body.  During this program we will address your goals along with your needs, giving you a better understanding of how to eat for performance and earn your dream body shape.


  • Personalised nutrition program for your goals
  • Personalised calories & macronutrients
  • Complete Meal guide/plan designed for you and your goals
  • Meal Planner with Food Swap feature, allowing you to eat more of the foods you prefer
  •  Recipe Hub Access (choose from over 85 nutritionally balanced recipes)
  •  Habit Tracking for optimal results and lifestyle improvement
  •  4 x Check-ins


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