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Fit Body by Nikki

Don’t just take it from me, listen to what my clients have to say about my outdoor bootcamps.

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“It’s not even a month between the first two pictures and 8 weeks all up between the first and last pictures  – I should be thanking you!!
I felt a slight change in my body but not this much! I really wish I took photos when I first started like you suggested!”

Alicia - Personal Training and Meal Plan

“Nikki Auckland I can’t believe that 11 months ago I was leading into Xmas 13kgs heavier and in a terrible frame of mind. But I joined and I braved the group for my first bootcamp on the 6th January. And it seems many more after that. I committed, cooked new foods, meal prepped, weighed in half naked even when I hated what I saw and put myself out there to succeed in healing mind and body and had to be a little selfish to achieve this. Instead of thinking of failing I thought of succeeding but slowly and each day not by thinking it was going to be a quick fix but a whole lifestyle change. The conditions in 40 degrees and freezing mornings did not waiver my thinking and commitment and I can honestly say I could not have done it without you and the group of ladies that are also on a journey. I have a laugh, a chat and have learnt so much about food and my body that I can’t thank you enough. I class you as not just my trainer but a friend and think you have created such an amazing community and your commitment to us will never go unnoticed or unappreciated. So from the bottom of my heart. Thank You and I also look forward to what 2019 brings as I still have a way to go on my journey with FBBN 😘”

Cindy - Bootcamp & Challenges

Hi Nikki, I saw my friend today she sent me this message….

“Paula u look absolutely amazing. I mean that from my heart.. well done girl🥰🥰you’ve inspired me… Definitely amazing woman.!! You Look fabulous, you should be super proud of yourself !”

Ha ha I said I have to send this to my trainer, it’s all thanks to u Nikki.

Paula - PT, Bootcamp & Challenges

“I wasn’t going to post this but I feel that its a part of the process and journey I’m currently on… since Isla was born, I had not paid attention to my weight but more importantly my health . You can ask anyone I know, they will say I’ve never been into fitness or being active. Then when Easter came this year and I realised none of the photos I was in with Isla looked good, I looked so unhappy and just felt awful about myself. I realised that I didn’t want Isla to look back at her photos of her childhood and see an overweight Mum.. AND IM ONLY 24 ! No 24 year old wants to look like that either… so I realised at that moment I needed to change. I started a bootcamp that I knew I could bring Isla too and I just kept going … I pushed through the pain and just kept trying. My trainer @nikki.auckland has been an angel from heaven to help me, put me on a meal plan, been there whenever I needed her for support or just a kick up the butt to come to sessions. The women I train with every day are the loveliest ladies who I’m so proud to call my friends and my friends and family who have supported me , or looked after Isla whilst I go to training, I’m forever grateful !! I still have a bit of a way to go before I’m 100% happy with my results but god damn I’m so proud of myself and finally starting to feel like myself again !!!”


“I remember procrastinating over whether or not I should take the leap into personal training (many months ago now) and one day thought-just do it! I started out by going to the boot camps and I was instantly hooked! The workouts are tough but they get results. The FBBN community is a welcoming group of amazing women-all different backgrounds and goals, but positive and grateful to have the opportunity to train with each other and Nikki. To anyone who is procrastinating like I did, all I can say is JUST GET UP AND DO IT! You will not be disappointed 💪🏼”

Laura - PT, Bootcamp & Challenges

The bootcamp has an amazingly great atmosphere and it’s kid friendly.

Love every minute of it 🙌🏼

Lisa - Bootcamp & Challenges

I feel so much better, I know it’s been a slow but so constant and steady process, I am proud that I stuck with it for so long and it’s now a lifestyle not a fad… thank you for constantly helping me through it! Without you I couldn’t have even done it. The scales are such a mind game, only a few kilos down the scales but I’ve noticed such a difference in my shape! I’ll keep pushing and hopefully keep on changing!”

Miranda - Personal Training + Meal Pan + Bootcamp

I recently did one of Nikki’s challenges. It was super easy to follow, the food tasted amazing and the results shocked me. I lost over 5 kilos in 28 days. I highly recommend Nikki!

Jade - Challenges

I found Nikki’s boot camp three months ago and it is truly exactly what I needed.

The group is friendly and super supportive and were all really welcoming. Nikki is amazing and encourages you to always do your best to your ability and helps you with alternative exercises if you have trouble with anything.

I particularly love her challenges and am just finishing my second one, the meal plans have been great and the variety of food is amazing and are easily adaptable to dietary requirements.

Thanks Nikki you are great at what you do 😘

Mel - Bootcamp & Challenges

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Online program results

Fit Body by Nikki

Listen to what my clients have to say about my online programs.

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“I started the L.I.F.T challenge with Nikki in July this year. I was amazed at how much I have loved every minute of this program. The food that Nikki has planned and created you feels like you are not missing out on anything and that you are never hungry. The recipes are delicious and the workouts keep you motivated, improving fitness levels whilst achieving fat loss and gaining muscle. I have never met anyone as supportive, knowledgeable and caring as Nikki. Nikki is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to food and exercise and she knows her stuff! You only have to look at her to see she practices what she preaches. The support and encouragement I received whilst doing this program was impeccable. Nothing was ever a problem for Nikki and she would happily answer any of my questions or concerns I had. She was so supportive and encouraging throughout the whole 12 weeks. Prior to starting this program I was feeling so tired and unhealthy but since completing this program I have never felt better. I lost 7 kilos and lots of cms. My whole body shape has changed and I have gained the fitness and muscle I was after. I will continue my journey as this wasn’t just a 12 week program for me it is a lifestyle change. Eating clean doesn’t have to be boring it’s actually amazing how much I have been able to learn about nutrition and the body from Nikki. Nikki from the bottom of my heart I cannot Thank you enough! Because of you I feel in control and healthy and fit again and my journey will continue. xxx”

Ann - Online Program & Challenge

“Thanks so much for your help and support Nikki, loved how easy the program was and especially the apps with the workout! Being someone from interstate and a Mum I found it so easy to use at home. And a big thanks for helping shift my mindset which was the biggest hurdle for me.”

Danielle - Online Program

“I did the lift 12 week fitness and meal plan with Nikki. I live on the Gold Coast so it was crucial for me to have Nikki there online for support whenever I needed her. The plan was all available online to print and the app was awesome to have on my phone when doing my workout at the gym being able to record the weights that I lifted and see my progress. The meal plan was easy to follow and delicious. I did the vegetarian option for meal plans. I still use these recipes even after the program. Taking the progress photos was good to be able to see your progress I was achieving which was strength and tone. I would recommend this program to anyone looking at building strength losing weight and being motivated.”

Rachel - Online Program

“Nikki has been training me for nearly 3 years now, and i have learned so much from her over this time. I had never done weights in a gym before, but with Nikki’s guidance, i built confidence to incorporate weight training into my fitness plan which i now love! I had always thought that cardio was the way to go, but soon learned and noticed the difference that combining weights really helped to improve lean muscle growth, toning and my fitness level. I have seen great results that have been consistent. The L.I.F.T ap is fantastic! It’s my go to for my weekly programmes and also all my food plans with recipes as well. I love the fact i know exactly what to do for my training each time, and there are easy to follow instructional videos for how to do each exercise and correct technique. The ap is also so handy to have all my recipes for the week available on my phone while doing my grocery shopping. As i have my own business as well as being a Mum of 2, being able to commit to set class times can be difficult, where as Nikki’s ap allows me to workout at a time that suits me….be it 5am, 10pm, at home, the gym,or park! The food is delicious and easy to prepare. I actually eat more now than i did before! I even have my fussy family members eating a lot of the recipes which is a bonus! There are no “fad” diets involved, just healthy eating so it’s a lifestyle not a diet. Nikki is a wealth of knowledge and is always there to answer any questions, or give advise. She is very inspiring and supportive and advocates that we also need to listen to our bodies and rest when rest is needed. I sometimes mix classes in with my training, and love walking and yoga and find the combination with Nikki’s plan also works great! If you are looking for an easy to follow, healthy food and fitness plan for any fitness level i highly recommend Nikki.”

Catherine - Online Program

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I have been doing Nikki’s bootcamp for the last 6 months and I cannot recomend her enough!I’ve recently had to give up due to getting a new job and hours not working in with bootcamp and I’m devistated about it!Nikki not only runs a great bootcamp and sends you home absolutely exaughsted but she is an absolutely lovely lady aswell and makes bootcamp fun! So much different to going to a gym where no one speaks to you or asks if you need a hand. I’ll deffinetly be back once my hours settle down!
Kara Cornish
Kara Cornish
Best Trainer ive ever had!
TjKoosh Belgre
TjKoosh Belgre
Nikki has helped me to achieve my fitness goals in such a short time frame. She understands what her clients want get out of their workouts. She also looks after the mindset side of fitness with support in person and via social media. She is also an amazing woman who is real with you and inspirational! She would never expect you to do something that she herself wouldn’t do.
Laura Mckone
Laura Mckone
I have never tried anything like this before, was always use to the gym and doing my own meal plans but I just lacked motivation and determination. I was always telling myself no you cant do that cause of your injury but Nikki shows you how to strengthen the muscles around the affected area and I have really noticed a difference in my physie (burns physical culture club). Definitely worth giving it a go, you'd be surprised. Thank you Nikki xx
Paula Chitty
Paula Chitty


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